26 January 2006

Taxes, Schmaxes

It was reported by the Indianapolis Star that the proposed cigarette tax failed to get out of committee, 6-2. The governor's ill-fated attempt to pick and choose his idea of the "unhealthiest" Hoosiers was not a good idea. Last time, I checked he's 0-for-2 in proposed tax increases at his State of the State. There are so many other problems right now, such as cutting the size and scope of government, but neither Republicans or Democrats are interested in them.

Kudos for proposing the bill that limits only emergency medical care to illegal immigrants. It's not the duty of government to care for the sick, but there is a point where you should assist those that can't help themselves, but no more. Opponents of the bill say it's on the businessmen that don't provide healthcare to the immigrants, I say it's a choice made by the employees to work for the employers, fully aware of the risks involved.


Mike Kole said...

Chris Ward, where the hell have you been lately?

Mark W. Rutherford said...

Congratulations on your wedding and marriage to Beth yesterday - April 23rd.