13 January 2006

GOP Shakeup

It has been announced that Indiana GOP chair Jim Kittle will be resigning from his post after four years on the job. Kittle, the chairman/CEO of Kittle's Furnishings, is stepping down two days after Governor Daniels' State of the State address, where the governor promoted a plan of consolidating township government to the county level, shrinking the size of government, and eliminating elected positions (ie: township assessors).

The idea doesn't bode well for Marion County GOPers, as they have been steadfast in their resistance to the Indy Works consolidation plan promoted by Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson, a Democrat. Indy Republicans have been saying that consolidation is a bad idea; now their governor is saying "go for it." It appears there will be a serious fracture in the local GOP, oppose City Hall, or oppose their governor. It seems that Libertarians will have it a little bit easier in 2006 and 2007, when we'll have the only options to remove government from people's lives.

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Politics oh we all love it