11 January 2006

More Nickname Nonsense

Respected George Will wrote a column picked up by the Indianapolis Star on January 5, discussing the NCAA nickname rules, and how the University of Illinois is barred from using the name Fighting Illini in postseason play (ie: college football bowls, March Madness, etc.)

Very simply put, I believe former Oklahoma linebacker Brian Bosworth was right when he wore a shirt calling the NCAA "National Communists Against Athletes." Forcing the schools to change names to be PC is ridiculous. They have said that schools such as Florida State and Utah are allowed to keep their Native American nicknames because the respective tribes approve is OK. Problem with the Illini is that there are very few tribesmen still around, or there not even in Illinois.

The NCAA should let the schools make the decisions for themselves. Enough of this feel-good stuff. It's the University of Illinois, not the University of NCAA.

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