14 January 2005

What a Week!

The title sums it up right there! A new governor, school's started again, and there's a new affiliate in the LPIN!!

Mitch Daniels was finally sworn in as Indiana's 49th governor, and true to his word, got right to work. He signed 13 executive orders on his first day, and toured flood-stricken areas yesterday. Between now and then, he also rescinded the Executive Order providing for the collective bargaining agreement with state employees. Another hot-button issue was the DST situation we have, and it looks like we'll be switching our clocks (FINALLY!!!)

As far as school goes, it's 15 hours....GRRR

A new member came into the LPIN family tonight. Madison County (Anderson) was affiliated this evening by three Libertarians who are as committed to the cause as anyone! I look forward to the good things to come from my neighbors to the north!

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