05 January 2005

Think Big

My Man Mitch becomes My Governor Mitch on Monday, January 10. Gov.-elect Daniels has a big challenge ahead of him, mostly on the budget, but also how to run one-party rule. As a Libertarian, my wish list of his administration has potential of happening, only if he sticks to his "small-government" roots.

-Shrinking the deficit and actual spending in the Statehouse.
---The $800 million deficit is staggering to anyone, and a flatline/10% reduction in spending is necessary to make this state financially solvent again. Daniels says that nothing is off the table...I don't like the sound of that :(

-Adopting Daylight Savings Time (DST) across the state
---As I mention time and time again, my own family doesn't know what time I'm on here in the Hoosier State. Putting us on Chicago (Central) time puts us on a clock that makes more sense culturally and economically. Daniels has already pledged this :)

-Avoiding the gay marriage issue
---We don't need to legislate morality, PERIOD. If they can legislate that, then they can turn around and take away my rosary and Bible, no frickin way!! The government does not need to be in an individual's bedroom. Daniels is against gay marriage, so it's kind of : on this

-Charter schools
---Mitch agreed with Our Guy Gividen about charter schools. Charters are out of government control, and in control of the parents. It also doesn't cost government because the money is private. :)

-Crane Naval Warfare Center
---One of the largest military installations in the world is headquartered about 30 minutes south of Bloomington. This brings in jobs, and money for this area in southwestern Indiana. The federal government is considering closing it and I hope Daniels fights for this key base to remain open as much as his predecessor did. Closing Crane would further depress southwest Indiana, right as I-69 is being built (BOO) :(

That's my wish list for Mitch Daniels. Some of it is pipe dream, some of it can become reality. Let's see if he truly represents all Hoosiers.

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Al said...

Yeah, "nothing is off the table" - especially YOUR paycheck.