27 January 2005

Open Forum, eh??

Two days ago, a local TV station and the local newspaper hosted a town hall meeting at the Indiana Statehouse, inviting all to attend to present their thoughts to some of the state's legislators. Many pertinent topics were discussed, mostly the new terrain I-69 and Medicare/Medicaid.

My friends from the Green Party were the muscle behind bringing I-69 to the immediate forefront. For those that don't know what I'm talking about, the state is going to spend $3 billion to extend I-69 from Indianapolis to Evansville through Bloomington, which will save only 12 minutes. TWELVE STINKING MINUTES!!! Currently the route is I-70 west to Terre Haute, then US 41 south onward to Evansville. Money to pay for the project would be diverted from the state, so counties would be left high and dry to maintain their own roads.

Medicaid was also brought up, with potential waivers being eliminated. A ten-year old girl talked about her autistic brother, and it reduced me to tears. The state has a responsibility to help those that cannot legitimately help themselves, and should not eliminate this program that helps middle-income families. However, I do not advocate increasing spending on this program because right now, the state's fiscal situation is a huge shit sandwich, and everyone's taking a bite.

Gay marriage was also mentioned, and the libertarian solution to that is removing the government from marriage altogether. I know Dan Carpenter of the Star called that issue the slab of red meat sitting in the fridge for the GOP, but people need to realize, that once again, morality cannot be legislated.

A libertarian solution, which I've said all along, involves a current flatline of the budget, no new taxes (income or sales), staying away from the gay marriage issue, and upgrading the I-70/US 41 for Evansville at a savings of almost $2 billion to the state. If you agree with this, I suggest you go to the next Libertarian Party meeting. The link to the state site is over on the right, and you can go from there. Talk to you soon.

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