31 August 2004

Conventions....blah blah blah

First, Boston, now NYC. It's convention time, boys and girls! Time for the donkeys and elephants to parade around in something more choreographed than a Britney Spears video, touting the greatness of either liberalism or conservatism. Also it's done at taxpayer expense. $40 million each. Wow, my hard earned money going to a key program that benefits the nation as a whole.

Something else is going on in NYC right now too. Just down the street from Madison Square Garden, where every possible moderate Republican is making George W. Bush look like the leader he isn't, there is a presidential debate. No, John Kerry didn't leave Nantucket, but Michael Badnarik (Libertarian), David Cobb (Green) debated, with Ralph Nader (Independent/Reform), and Michael Peroutka (Constitution) also invited to attend, along with Bush and Kerry.

I'm sure this debate would be much livelier and make for better TV, just because it isn't a game of repeater. If you don't know what the repeater is, watch Super Troopers. Cobb and Badnarik differ on many different issues, and aren't afraid to say that. No waffling here, no rhetorical run-around, just two candidates expressing their beliefs and that's that.

27 August 2004

Bizarro World

I figured I'd humor myself and run a Google on my name and politics. Found out, I'm a state rep in Michigan. Same name, different person. Interesting I thought.

Anyway, this fairgrounds proposal is picking up major steam. Recently, I received a postcard addressed to "Occupant" stating Councilman Bill Bolander, who is a Republican, but also my neighbor. This person stated that Mr. Bolander favors the project, listing his home phone number and it seemed a bit underhanded. Now I may disagree with something in this county, but I will put my name behind it...count on that. It is an act of shame that someone is doing this without identifying himself.

I hope Mr. Bolander will be in attendance at the Lions Club Fair in two weeks, so I can ask him if this is really what he wants to see happen. I hope it isn't. Just because he can afford to raise his taxes for a private enterprise, it doesn't mean other property owners are able or even on board with it. If this goes through, and new fairgrounds are built, believe me, I will make a stink about it and run against in him 2006 for raising taxes. We may need new fairgrounds, but there are more pressing issues in this county (ie: the condition of the roads) that have to be dealt with first.

26 August 2004

Informing Voters....One Citizen at a Time

I recently started school again, and I am taking a State and Local Government class. The room is pretty evenly split as far as political views 50-50 Democrat and Republican. Then there I am, sitting in the corner with a wry smile.

We started discussing urban renewal, and some of the folks that live there talked about eminent domain laws, then a girl started talking about how white folks are the ones with money who can afford the new housing. Keep in mind this is a 20 year old student that had been in an all girls boarding school in Colorado previous to this, born with a silver spoon, the whole nine yards. That boiled the blood of a lot of people. She said we're a democracy, so it's OK. I went on a tirade that would have made Neal Boortz sound like a gentleman. I told her to tell me where it says in the Constitution that we're a democracy. She said the Preamble. WRONG. The Bill of Rights. WRONG. This girl just kept digging and digging and digging herself in deeper holes.

People have blind beliefs in politics and, as in this case, no facts to base their statements. If you're gonna go out and make a bold statement, have facts to back it up. It makes for a good debate and makes you look like you're educated. By the way, democracy is a group of 51 people that you're in and 50 want to see a hanging. Guess who's swinging?

23 August 2004

When Is Too Much Government Good???

One reason I'm a Libertarian is because I believe in staunch fiscal responsibility. Unlike my Republican counterparts, I will stick to my guns when it comes to being fiscally conservative. Here in Hancock County, the County Council is considering a bond issue of $18 million for new fairgrounds. This is coming at a time when there isn't even money for roads. Small government, indeed.

People complain about a wheel tax of $25 per vehicle. It brings in approximately $800,000 for the county, but $2 million is needed for annual upkeep of the roads. The wheel tax is a necessary evil right now. It boils down to "you gotta have roads."

Small-government Republicans want to add more layers to the Statehouse as well. My Man Mitch wants to create a Department of Commerce, with the Secretary to receive salary, staff, benefits, etc, etc, etc. He wants to keep spending money while we're at a $2 billion deficit. Fiscally conservative, eh? Keep in mind, this is the same man who helped write the federal budget. I'm sure that's really reassuring.

When it comes to spending, with a Democrat president and GOP Congress, it's gridlock, which is good, keeps spending down. But when Gunslingin' George has Congress in his back pocket, the bank is open for business. He's spent more than Clinton, whom Republicans despise for his fiscal policy. Oh well, the American citizens (taxpayers) suffer most of all, because we get footed with the bill.

Another reason to embrace libertarianism. We let you decide how to live your lives.

19 August 2004

Up in Smoke??

It has been a known fact that Mitch Daniels, the Republican nominee for Governor, was arrested in 1970 for a disorderly persons complaint, for smoking marijuana. Hoping to capitalize on this, the Democrats held a press conference to push the issue about it.

Turns out, the press conference went up in smoke. Many prominent Democrats, including Governor Kernan, Senator Bayh, State Representative Ed Mahern, and City-County Council Vice President Joanne Sanders all admit to smoking the reefer. Kip Tew, State Democrat chairman, came clean on pot as well, saying, "Yes. But that's not the issue here."***

If one decides to do something of their own volition, let them do that. That's liberty. The Democrat idea to turn Daniels into Stoner X backfired tremendously on them, as they turned into their own version of Cheech and Chong.

Isn't it interesting that Libertarians, the only party on the ballot in Indiana with a pro-drug decriminalization stance, has a candidate for governor that never touched the stuff???

Just some food for thought.

***-Indianapolis Star, August 19, 2004

Welcome to My World

You are now a Ward of the State. I'm Chris Ward. I'm the 5th District Representative for the Libertarian Party of Indiana. This will be a forum for me to inform people on the beauty of liberty.

Right now, people are so used to having the political duopoly it's just nauseating. They either want small government, which is great, or they want personal freedom, which is also great. What people don't see is that there is a group of people who embrace both, the libertarians.

Most people I know think of us as the "legalize it now" folks. That may be one of the many beliefs libertarians have, but there is also cutting the size of government, lowering taxes, getting the government out of people's lives, more or less. That is what our Founding Fathers had in mind when the colonial Brits had offices for everything, controlling everything. Nowadays, we're realizing that the government is living our lives for us. We have been assimilated. "Don't challenge the government, resistance is futile."

I will comment early and often if the government is doing something to rob individuals of their God-given rights. If you disagree, write me back, that's the beauty of this nation, disagreement is not only allowed, but shined upon.