24 November 2008

Proof of Why Less Is More

Some people may not like what I'm about to say, but we need to move away from the township level of government in Indiana, COMPLETELY. After the whole debacle in Washington Township here in Marion County, I've seen the light.

The township has NO fire department (it merged into Indianapolis Fire in the past couple of years), thus cutting its needs by over half. How can you piss on the taxpayers' parade in a recession? Vote yourself a 60% pay raise while taking no public comments, then giving none when pressed by citizens and the press afterwards. Real simple folks, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen! Hopefully, people remember this when more talk of eliminating consolidation happens, or just vote the bums out in four years!

15 November 2008

Cut the Crap!

After all of this election hullabaloo, I'm wondering how sincere President-elect Obama is about governing from the center. I think he's going to try some out-there policy shifts, and people will scream bloody murder. Soon afterwards, the test balloons will stop, and he will truly run the country from the center. He knows that it's a two year audition, which makes for an awfully short honeymoon.

What worries me is if the GOP will be trying to shift to the right (which it should, in the name of gridlock, at the very least), or if there will be a sentiment of bipartisanship. I'm thinking Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) will be fighting every instance of liberalism tooth and nail.

For the next two years, we libertarians (small-l and big-L) need to keep both parties committed to true social and economic freedom in the face of mounting bailouts and falling markets.

This begins at the most local of government. Libertarians need to step up to the challenge in the next election two years from now, and put the pressure on the incumbents committed to stealing your money and freedom. Township trustees, county clerks (very important, they do run the elections after all), and the General Assembly (all Reps and half the Senate) are up for grabs in 2010. Don't forget, the critical Secretary of State race happens then too. That is our ballot access race. Please remember, just because the country may be down, there is a true change everyone can believe in. It's not just a slogan, it's a way of life. Besides, who doesn't like more money in their pockets, or more freedoms to enjoy? People are not responsible to their government, government is responsible to its citizens.

11 November 2008

From the "WTF" Files....

Lawrence Mayor Paul Ricketts is at it again. First, a 17% raise after ten months on the job, now trying to get funding for holiday decorations??

Mayor Ricketts is a good, decent man, he and I don't agree on everything, granted. I know this from conversations on the campaign trail. However, that being said, his priorities are very skewed. I haven't seen any additional police cars or fire stations. I'm worried that in a tight economy that the government is once again is taking advantage of the unsuspecting.

Getting in on the Ground Floor

My friends, Mark Rutherford wrote on his blog recently about how Libertarians need to work the mail room before becoming the CEO. I whole-heartedly agree. We need to look at the smaller races (Township Trustee, countywide offices, with strong State Rep and State Senate candidates) before we look at the Governor's Mansion. With that said, 2010 is our ballot access race for Secretary of State (Any volunteers?)

Libertarians in Indiana have an excellent opportunity to retool, reload, and refocus in 2009. But you say, there's no elections. I say, exactly. Having an off year in the cycle gives us an opportunity to canvas, raise funds, and deliver a message that makes that emotional connection as to why someone should punch the "L" next to the office. It's one thing to be educated and principled, it's another to drive the point home using a real, lasting connection rather than a hypothetical. Trust me, tending bar is easier when you make a connection rather than, make drink, pay for drink. What I mean is, anyone can make a margarita, but the best bartenders give people something to remember, and they come back.

I ask all potential candidates for 2010 start thinking about how to connect with voters rather than tell them how the Libertarian philosophy is the right way. Give people a taste of the good stuff, and they'll wanna drink the whole bottle. Who's thirsty?

04 November 2008


I'm flipping around and WISH says that Bob Barr is the difference. Jim Shella says that Barr's 25K votes is the difference in the state race with 88% in. Keep in mind Lake County as well as NW Indiana and Evansville are coming in. McCain is 6K up, but where are the last votes coming in??

Fair and Balanced??

I'm watching the Mitch victory speech on WRTV, and heard something slip over the national feed saying that McCain lost Ohio, may as well call the whole race....fair and balanced??? You be the judge!

03 November 2008

Predictions and Prognostications

OK, it's not Jimmy the Greek or the Great Carnac, but here are my predictions for tomorrow's election. Abdul put his predictions up and I commented there, here are my guesses (all they are, I have no scientific basis to claim expertise here)

Presidential - Obama 303-238…53%
Indiana Prez Vote - McCain 52-47
Gubernatorial - Daniels with 55% of the vote…JLT gets some straight ticket, not enough to overcome six weeks off the air.
US Senate - Dems pick up 4 seats in the Senate
US House - Dems pick up 12 seats in the House.
State House - 51D-48R-1L
Public Question #1 -Adios assessors
Public Question #2 (in IPS district) -Praying no, but what Dr. White wants, Dr. White gets

01 November 2008

Internal Preferences, not Schools

Those should be the initials of IPS. My wife is an IPS teacher who found out her school is closing at the end of the academic year. Her school was one of the ones improving, actually on a path to make National Blue Ribbon status. Her school is on the list for Phase III. My friend Ed Angleton knows what that means...Bonding.

Her school was part of the referendum for $273 million in capital improvements. Unfortunately, it's too late to pare back the bond amount. Now that the school closings have been leaked/announced, Superintendent Dr. Eugene White says that the board won't use all of the monies allocated. Right, and I'm the Pope. I'd be very interested if the school board discovers other "improvements" in other current schools to be made by the end of the year.

White believes that the money is more important than the students. I thought teachers and administrators were in the business of educating the youth of today to prepare them for tomorrow. While I understand that declining enrollment means fewer schools open, why close one of the schools that's actually exceeding expectations, building a reputation, and turning out good kids??