13 December 2004

An Eye for an Eye

Now I may upset some of you, but I expect as much. Just 40 minutes ago, a jury of his peers recommended the death penalty for Scott Peterson. I agree with that decision for him. I know that a lot of it was circumstantial evidence, and there was no murder weapon, but there were just too many coincidences for it not to be, in my opinion. I know my faith preaches for me to turn the other cheek, but how could I do that when a man kills not only his wife, but his unborn son as well.

For the most heinous crimes, the most heinous punishment is necessary. I don't believe necessarily in an eye for an eye, but this is a definite exception to this rule. I couldn't justify what he did to anyone, and I don't think many people could. His life should not be spared, but I have a gut feeling he wouldn't last long in the hole (see Jeffery Dahmer).

I believe in live and let live, but in this case that rule goes right out the window. Scott Peterson is getting what he deserves.

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