07 December 2004

Bureaucracy in Baseball

That's right...the federal government gets in your pocket, wants to get in your bedroom, now it wants in on the national pastime. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), considered one of the more moderate Republicans in Washington, wants to form legislation cracking down on steroid use in baseball. I think that's a bit much considering they have more of a time passing legitimate intelligence reform or a balanced budget.

If Barry Bonds wants to inject himself full of roids, so be it. It's his body, he is the one dealing with the consequences of his choices. Also, Senator McCain should focus on more pressing issues, such as the issues I mentioned earlier. It's not the government's job to interfere in a private venture, unless the greater good was being infringed upon. People still pay big bucks to see Bonds, fellow juicer (ALLEGED) Jason Giambi, and others play a child's game.

If baseball wants to let their guys blow up like Goodyear blimps, that's fine. They're doing it to themselves. The best way to send the game a message is simply not to watch them play.

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