08 December 2004

Channeling Our Frustrations

In today's media, there are numerous sources of entertainment. It's a 500-channel digital world, with something for everyone it seems. ESPN, CNN, Discovery Channel, the list goes on and on. What irks me is that there is a group that is responsible for seemingly every "outrage" over what's considered indecent on the air. The Parents Television Council (PTC) goes up in arms over every little tidbit they consider wrong. Now I understand Nipple-gate at the Super Bowl was a bit much, and some action needed to be taken about it. However, I don't think that gives them the right to tell the general public what should and shouldn't be broadcast over the airwaves.

My parents always told me, if I don't like something on television, buy my own TV, or simply don't watch what's on. So I did just that. Besides, if I don't watch a show, that's one less viewer, which means less money spent for advertising on said program. That in turn could lead to a show going off the air. If you've seen Field of Dreams, you understand. If you watch it, they will come. They being the advertisers. Conversely, if you don't watch it, they won't come.

As I said on Abdul in the Morning, it's really simple. What's good for you may not be good for me, so don't make that choice on my behalf, because I may not agree with it. It's a very simple free-market idea that involves personal choice. Hmmm, how libertarian of me! If you want to watch Sex and the City, Sportscenter, or the Crocodile Hunter, that's cool. I'll be here, watching my Law and Orders, and totally content with the fact that I have the ability to do just that. That's my choice.

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