28 March 2007

You Thought the City-County Council Was Bad Before...

Council President Monroe Gray (D) is using and abusing his "juice." Instead of being transparent (like a higher-profile politician should be), he's hiding behind administrative and bureaucratic BS designed to keep his sorry patoot in office, and unaccountable. Republicans introduced a proposal for an inquiry into his business dealings, and if there was a conflict of interest. The problem was the R's are the minority, and the vote failed on party lines. The matter was furthered on to an Ethics Board, which is stacked with Democrats.

Enter a new variable: Gray's personal attorney is also the Council's counsel, further intertwining the two.

Solution: Stealing a page from Abdul, there should be an inquiry board comprised of one or two of each party (R and D), and then a mutually agreed upon member (Mark Rutherford, where are you?). The board could come to a conclusion and then make recommendations to the Council as to how to proceed.

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