22 March 2007

A Touch of This, A Dash of That

Sorry for not posting that often, work has had me pick up some extra slack this past month. Here's what I've been able to see since then.

Driving While Entitled

Proof again that a little bit of celebrity will get you a lenient sentence. Citing "lack of evidence" (They forgot the .09 Breathalyzer), former Colt running back Dominic Rhodes got a suspended sentence and no probation on a plea deal from DUI to reckless driving. People I know who were pulled over on DUI for .09 are still doing probation four years later.

SJR-7 Update

Yesterday, Libertarian Mike Kole, along with City-County Councillors Scott Keller and JoAnne Sanders (R and D, respectively), held a press conference on the Statehouse steps protesting SJR-7, the gay marriage amendment. The General Assembly held hearings for several hours yesterday regarding the potential amendment that selectively removes individual choice for certain Hoosiers.

Dungy's Folly??

Recently, Colts coach Tony Dungy has been King Midas. However, he might have a little bit of tarnish on his hands after comments made at an Indiana Family Institute supporting SJR-7. Dungy risks being known as a hypocritical bigot, embracing being the first African American coach to lift the Lombardi Trophy, yet deny another minority their right to happiness. It is similar to the ban on interracial marriages because it's not "the Lord's will" (those are Dungy's words in support of SJR-7.)

Dungy's statements, Rhodes' pseudo-DUI, and an unpopular stadium plan at the expense of much-needed public safety might derail the city's hopes of hosting Super Bowl XLV.

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