28 March 2007

Truth or Consequences??

A lot of hullabaloo is over SJR-7, and the voices are getting louder on both sides of the issue. Eric Miller, former Republican gubernatorial candidate and executive director of Advance America, led a rally in support of the amendment. On the other hand, businesses like Cummins and Lilly, two of Indiana's more prominent employers, are against the amendment because of the potential loss of employees due to the amendment.

The business aspect is that Cummins and Lilly both offer domestic partner benefits to gay couples, like married couples. If SJR-7 passes, those benefits could end, and those employees may choose to work somewhere else out of state with friendlier legislatures. Neither Cummins or Lilly want to lose their employees because of an unfriendly or "closed-minded" government.

Now that the private sector is voicing its opinion, the government should re-examine what the potential loss of revenue (ie: taxes) from people moving out of state because of SJR-7. The more Lillys that speak out about the amendment, citing loss of employees and taxes, the harder it would be for a smart goverment to pass it.

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