03 March 2005

Finally, an Update!!

Greetings, one and all!! It's been a little bit since my last post, but that's not from lack of information or frustration. Going to school, working two jobs (again), being a pseudo-politico, plus a personal life is a bit...laundry is almost not an option LOL. But I digress.

This week has certainly been an interesting one. I was named new Chair of the Hancock County LP on Monday. This will be an interesting leadership :). I look forward to working with fellow libertarians and others from both sides of the aisle to move our county in a more libertarian direction.

The big kahuna this week was the walkout of House Democrats on Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday, all bills on the House floor either had to pass into the Senate or die. Frustrated on two bills, one requiring ID at the polling places (good idea), and the other creating a post of inspector general (also a good idea). House Minority Leader B. Patrick Bauer (D-South Bend) decided it would be a good idea to pull the ranks and lose quorum in the chamber.

What Bauer did was kill 132 bills, including some his own party was pushing, like the bill that gave public money to the Colts (grr), the DST issue (good idea, FINALLY), and capped caseloads for social workers (a GREAT idea). All of this because he wants to protect "poorer people" who couldn't afford ID cards. Republicans amended the bill to provide free ID cards to those who couldn't afford them. As for the inspector general, I'm afraid to see what he would have turned up after the BMV fiasco.

My point is, is that Democrats put their faith in a man who is a hypocrite. Last year, as Speaker, he refused to bring up the issue of gay marriage at the request of House Republicans, who then walked out. He said that was not the way for legislators to act. My question to Rep. Bauer, is it the way for them to act now?? I say it is not. A Libertarian legislator would work with the GOP and the Dems to find a reasonable middle ground on the issues. In 2006, when you walk into the booth to vote, remember Democrats don't care what you want, it's what Pat Bauer wants. Libertarians care about what you want, because it's your choice.

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