18 February 2005

Statehouse Shenanigans and Some Other Stuff

It appears as if the legislature is frozen from the budget to work on cell phone bans and Indianapolis Works. First, the cell phone ban. Rep. Vanessa Summers (D-Indianapolis) wants to ban using a cell phone without a hands free device if you're driving unless it's an emergency. It didn't get out of committee *sigh*. Does an officer know what constitutes an emergency to me?? I doubt it.

Next, about Indianapolis Works. Mayor Peterson's proposal to further merge under Unigov. It would combine the fire departments between IFD and the townships, the Sheriff's Department and IPD, eliminate township government, etc. It's shrinking government, which I like. Granted, I'm not a Bart Peterson admirer, but the plan received high marks from Beurt SerVaas, the former Republican president of the City-County Council. Right now, I'm thinking it's a ploy to have the Republican legislature make Mayor Peterson, a Democrat, look bad two years out from the mayoral elections in 2007.

I'm posting this to show you what the General Assembly is doing right now as well: IGNORING THE BUDGET!!

On a side note, I've been getting involved in a poker tournament at Barley Island in Noblesville every Thursday. LPIN Secretary of State Candidate (and Hamilton County Chair) Mike Kole is there as well. It's a good time, good beer, and the best part is...it's free! No buy-in!

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Mike Kole said...

4th week of poker tourney, Chris. When are we going to see you at a final table? ;-)