03 February 2005

State of the Union

My friends, last night President Bush told Congress the State of the Union. He is pushing for reform on the tax code and Social Security. Both are long overdue. The tax code is hard to understand to Joe Schmo (ie: me) and goes on worse than a Democratic filibuster. But I digress.

Social Security is in need of a major overhaul now, or we're all screwed. The figures do not lie. In 2018, SS will pay out more than it takes in, and according to figures, will be completely bankrupt in 2042. I'll be 61 then (God-willing), but still it's an out-dated system in need of a modern makeover.

Democrats say all is well with SS, that the "trust fund" will be there for Americans. The "trust fund" is nothing more than a shoebox under someone's desk that has a load of IOU's in there. President Bush is using the political capital he won to push for the reform of SS. Democratic Congressional Leaders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, say that they will block the reforms. Reid and Pelosi, both as long on rhetoric as W, have no legit solutions.

People need to realize that it's their money being legally taken from them. We want our money back!!!

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