27 May 2006

Seatbelt Silliness

Sorry for the lag in posts, I was sent to Kansas City for two weeks on work. Looks like I came home at the right time. Time for Click It or Ticket. Of course, I wasn't too happy that the Star told us to buckle up or else, so of course, I wrote back...

"The Star's editorial regarding Click It or Ticket is a bit too Big Brother for some tastes. Seatbelt laws are a waste of taxpayer money.
Instead of tracking down rapists, searching for murderers, and stopping burglaries, police officers and sheriff deputies are ordered to stand watch and ticket those who choose not to wear a seatbelt. All because it's "for our own good."
A better alternative for Click It or Ticket is to have the insurance companies refuse to pay any claim filed if the policyholder wasn't wearing his seatbelt. That should be motivation enough to wear a seatbelt."

Let's see if it's published anytime soon...

04 May 2006

Big Overhead = Big Profits

The Left wants you think the oil companies are gouging citizens at the pump. The Right is pandering to the Left. It's bad when one party is demagoguing, it's exponentially worse when both parties demagogue.

It's quite simple folks, the reason oil profits are at record highs is because the cost of doing business is at a record high. Neal Boortz explained it best (I'm paraphrasing here)...when you have a product that costs $0.80 to produce, you sell it for $1.00, meaning a $0.20 profit and a 20% profit margin. When the product costs $1.60 to produce, what do you sell the product at to maintain that 20% profit margin?? The same thing is true of gas...when prices go up to do business and be profitable, the prices at the pump have to do likewise.

Laying the Hammer Down

NUVO columnist Steve Hammer takes Indianapolis Star columnist to task for his less than glowing article regarding the Libertarian Party of Indiana. Hammer states Tully is upset because he has something to do besides read Republican press releases. The full article is here.

03 May 2006

Primary Concern

Yesterday was the taxpayer-subsidized nominating conventions...err...primaries. The time for me to walk into the Lawrence Fire Station and hear "Republican slate??" and "Democrat slate??" I kindly declined each and walked in and signed in with ID, really not that big of a problem as Marion County Democrat Chair Ed Treacy would like people to think, it's common sense really. I'm upset at the fact he's making a hullaballoo over something that should be done by the respective parties involved.

Primaries are not good at all, honestly. If a candidate is good enough to be slated by a party, then the candidate should be directly placed on the November ballot. None of this springtime posturing and posing. Not only that, voter turnout is anemic at best for a primary. Estimates for Marion County were 10-15% of all eligible voters turned out yesterday.

Another benefit by eliminating primaries is moving school board elections to the fall. The people that make the policies for our children are decided on by a fraction of the populace. The extra six months would give voters a better idea of how their taxes are spent on local education; on a side note, it would hold educational boards more responsible to the taxpayers and parents of the students of the school district.

Less cost, more accountability...where do I sign up??

02 May 2006

The Relevance of Libertarians

Matt Tully, the Indianapolis Star political reporter, wrote an article about how since it's primary time, it's Libertarian Whine time. How we complain about inadequate coverage, and the like. I wrote a letter last week that was published today. Here's the text:

"I have to disagree with Matthew Tully's assessment of Libertarians ("Libertarians whining? It must be election time," April 28).
When he talks of our irrelevance, he fails to see the gains made both inside and outside of Indianapolis.
Libertarians have worked with other fiscal conservatives in the Washington Township Concerned Citizens group, reducing the cost of building projects for the school system.
Libertarians have worked with property owners in Geist to prevent the annexation of homes and businesses into Fishers.
Libertarians in Greenfield have worked with business owners to protect their rights in regard to day-to-day operations.
Libertarians have made gains statewide, winning past elections in Greenfield, Hagerstown, Johnson County, and in Union City. In many local elections, Libertarians provide the only opposition for Republicans and Democrats.
Libertarians in Indianapolis are considered irrelevant in the press because they choose not to cover us, not because we don't do anything."

Fortunately, many local newspapers, like the Noblesville Daily Times, the Muncie Star-Press, the Greenfield Daily Reporter, and the Richmond Palladium-Item include Libertarians in the political talk around town. Libertarians are here, whether the Star wants to report it or not.

A Happy Couple

A week and a half ago...I finally tied the knot!!! Thank you Beth for loving me and being willing to put up with my crap for the rest of your life. Now it's time to turn it up into high gear now that the taxpayer-subsidized conventions...errrr....primaries are done.