25 August 2005

NCAA Nonsense

All of this garbage over a mascot??


Illinois Fighting Illini, Central Michigan Chippewas, Wake Forest Demon Deacons, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Florida State Seminoles. Which three are most offensive??

Well, according to Myles Brand, yes that Myles Brand, Illinois, Central Michigan, and Florida State could not use their nicknames in NCAA postseason play or hold any type of postseason tournament games, because their nicknames are offensive to Native Americans. What about Providence Friars, does that embarrass American Catholics, or Notre Dame, saying all Irish-Americans are looking for a brawl with someone??

This type of buffoonery is typical of a City Council, saying whether or not you can allow smoking in your business. Now what happens if Illinois takes their men's basketball team to the Final Four again?? It's not the Fighting Illini anymore, just the University of Illinois.

Florida State threatened legal action against the NCAA, saying that the Seminole tribes in Florida endorsed the nickname. The NCAA concurred, and that issue was dropped. Some tribes, such as the Illini are extinct. The state was named for them, why can't they be honored in a matter such as this??

The real irony is that the NCAA is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. How apropo is that? Myles Brand should have more important things to do, such as root out pay-for-play schemes, than tell a school what they can and can't name their mascots. If schools don't want to be named for something, they'll change it on their own. The decision should not be made for them.

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