19 August 2005

Apologies Are Necessary

I know I haven't posted in many months, that is due to a major shift in life. I'm getting married next April, and this summer has been murder on my schedule. New job, vacation, wedding planning, plus school's back this week, so it's insane to say the least.

In the past few months, the food and beverage taxes went up like weeds in my backyard, now it's time to hold Republicans accountable in both rhetoric and cold hard facts. Seven of the eight counties involved implemented, with only Morgan County holding out. That after the "let them eat soup" comment from Mayor Buskirk of Martinsville, a Republican.

Mayor Peterson's budget is another laughable attempt at being a fiscal conservative. Cut public safety and keep the parks?? Where is the rationale?? Then to charge citizens when their lives are in danger to the tune of hundreds of dollars!! He says that people's medical insurance will cover it. NEWS FLASH MAYOR!!! Not all of us have medical insurance right now!! Making pools more important than human life proves you are NOT fit for office, and I for one cannot wait until next year to see who runs against you.

Electing Libertarians will result in logical public safety, fewer taxes, more efficient spending, and more accountability. Tell me who else can do that??

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