27 October 2004

It'll Be a Cold Day in Hell When....

Right now it's a little chilly down there, considering Boston just won the World Series. I think that was the 7th Sign of the Apocalypse, so if you hear horsemen, RUN! Sports can be such a release for people (like me right now) that have all this political drama in their life. One state, two state, red state, blue state. I'm glad that something as simple as a child's game can give the nation a well-deserved reprieve from the frantic, often chaotic week before a presidential election.

I know I'm supposed to talk about Libertarian news and views on this, but it was an amazing feat. Now, it'll be a cold day in Hell if I win on Tuesday!

21 October 2004

Debate Drama

Today I had a couple of candidate forums. Being the novice in this arena, I expected to vomit on my mic. Thankfully, that didn't happen, but I was extremely nervous to those who witnessed it. The topics were simple and easy, and I did my best to stay on message. I was most concerned with the little red light on the camera glaring at me. According to others (who are very friendly) I came off very well, with just a hint of the jitters. I wanted to just puke everywhere. Politics is a strange game, you think you know how something will pan out, and BAM, you are a deer in the headlights!

I did enjoy myself, the other candidates were extremely nice, especially one of the incumbents, Walt Waitt. He reminds me of my grandfather, firm but exceptionally friendly. He always had a little joke for me, just to keep things light. It is county council, not ruler of the known universe. We discussed the fairgrounds, I stated my message that I don't think penny one of the taxpayers' money should be spent on a private project. The government is a referee, not a player when it comes to the private sector. I did state that roads are of paramount importance to the well-being of the county, and should take priority when it comes to spending. I know I've said it before, but YOU HAVE TO HAVE ROADS.

I said that while a comprehensive plan for the county is a good thing to have, private property owners' rights should come first. Bond issues are not an option when people have been taxed to death, one citizen told her story of how property taxes are breaking her financially. It is a sad day when the government takes someone out of her home in the name of "progress."

All in all, a good day, an interesting day, but another day in the life.

18 October 2004

Gone Muddin'

Last night at the gubernatorial debate at IU-Southeast, Mitch Daniels and Joe Kernan were just slinging the mud all around. No topic was really sacred. IPALCO, prescription drugs, jobs, the economy, property tax, etc. The two weren't jabbing each other, they were going for the KO. In the middle was not a referee, it was Kenn Gividen.

Kenn was honestly sick of the personal attacks, making that clear numerous times. He took the high road, commending the other two candidates on their character and integrity. It boiled down to if you're sick of hearing the D's and R's point fingers and blame each other, don't vote for them. Vote for someone who wants to get the state back on track, with good jobs and less intrusion, vote Libertarian.

14 October 2004

Crunch Time

It's 19 days out from an election. The most critical times will soon be upon us. Debates on the local level will start to wind down. Yard signs will be going up like weeds. Last minute meetings, shaking hands and kissing babies, the whole nine yards. Before we know it, November 2 will be upon us.

It brings a smile to my face seeing people walk into the precinct and cast a ballot. That means they care enough about their futures that they want a say in it. That is why people run for office too. I care enough about keeping spending down, I'm trying to do something about it. It breaks my heart to hear, "Oh Chris, you're a Libertarian. You'll never win." If everyone who said that pulled the lever by my name, I'd win in a landslide.

The point is, don't vote for the name next to the name. If you believe in a candidate, vote the candidate, vote your conscience. But don't let others vote for you. It is then that you've truly lost.

13 October 2004

A Day in the Life

What a whirlwind! I apologize for not posting that regularly, it's a very busy time for me. School full-time, work full-time, my campaign, plus helping with Our Guy Gividen is really an exhausting task. The past 48 hours has been an absolute roller-coaster of emotions. I found out about 8pm on Monday that Kenn Gividen, Libertarian candidate for governor, was to be excluded from the debates this Sunday in New Albany.

I wake up yesterday, on my way into class, all I hear on WXNT is how we (LPIN) are getting the shaft on the debates. It was basically a three hour pulpit to show how R's and D's were picking on the little guy. Each side was tripping over each other, but that's politics sometimes. Kip Tew, state Democrat chair, said it was Mitch Daniels' side. Bill Oesterle, Mitch Daniels' campaign manager, said it was Kernan's camp keeping Kenn out.

I got out of class, grabbed lunch, and met up with other libertarians on Monument Circle. LPIN Executive Director Brad Klopfenstein went on offense completely, with many prominent people standing up and believing that, "YES! WE CAN!" put Kenn in the debates. From there, it's lunch time (for everyone else), while I just grab a Diet Coke. The press came out for this one, WISH, WTHR, WXNT-AM, Network Indiana, and the Indianapolis Star, plus others sent reporters to hear our polite outrage over this.

By this time, it's now about 1:30 in the afternoon. I met a local pizza shop owner at the City Market. Really nice guy, he believes that it's time for a change, and the LPIN is the best option for that change. I gave him some yard signs, bumper stickers, literature, etc.

Time for the roadie :)....LaPorte here we come! Riding in the Kenn-mobile, I got a first-hand look at how busy this man really is. Before we even get from the LPIN offices to the interstate, he's doing a radio interview for a station in Chesterton. Kenn knows his stuff inside out! Along the way, he did an interview with the Indy Star, plus got confirmation that he would be in the debate! YAY!

When we got to LaPorte, I couldn't have been any happier, or so I thought, since Kenn was back in the debate. But we got to LaPorte for the opening of the new county party HQ there, and I see this big sign in downtown LaPorte that says VOTE LIBERTARIAN! That floored me! Greg Kelver LPLP Chair, Doug Barnes, Jack Lemley (who lets us use this building, thank you Jack), and others have really invested a lot of time, energy and care into making LaPorte County a thriving Libertarian stronghold.

Brad was there along with LPIN Chair Mark Rutherford, LPIN State Secretary (and Secretary of State candiate for 2006) Mike Kole, and Justin Kempf . We brought the heat from Indy along with us. Greg put on a great show, with ribbon cutting from the mayor, a live remote from a local radio station for 90 minutes, good food, good people, and a great cause!

What a day! I couldn't even stay awake on the ride back. I got home safe and sound and went right to sleep. Just another day in the life.

04 October 2004

The Debate about Debates

One thing that makes America great: the right to choose. Coke or Pepsi, paper or plastic, white or wheat. One thing that isn't great is the bi-partisan Commission on Presidential Debates. They say only Democrats and Republicans can debate. The only way another party gets on there is if the candidate is polling 15% nationwide on a consistent basis. The last time that happened was in 1996 when Ross Perot participated, and that was when the non-partisan League of Women Voters ran the debates.

This is supposed to be the country where freedom of choice is supreme. Why doesn't the League of Women Voters reclaim the debates or make the rules a bit more relaxed. If a candidate is on enough state ballots to theoretically claim the White House, then the candidate is in. That would include Michael Badnarik (L), Michael Peroutka (C), and Ralph Nader (I). David Cobb (G) would be on the outside looking in, along with Roger Calero, the Socialists' Workers Party. Calero cannot even be President according to the Constitution, simply because Calero isn't even a citizen of the United States.

This would give citizens the opportunity to hear all of the candidates, not just a joint press conference as I like to call it. But I got a better chance of seeing Johnny Cash in concert tomorrow than I do of seeing this debate commission come to its senses.