14 October 2004

Crunch Time

It's 19 days out from an election. The most critical times will soon be upon us. Debates on the local level will start to wind down. Yard signs will be going up like weeds. Last minute meetings, shaking hands and kissing babies, the whole nine yards. Before we know it, November 2 will be upon us.

It brings a smile to my face seeing people walk into the precinct and cast a ballot. That means they care enough about their futures that they want a say in it. That is why people run for office too. I care enough about keeping spending down, I'm trying to do something about it. It breaks my heart to hear, "Oh Chris, you're a Libertarian. You'll never win." If everyone who said that pulled the lever by my name, I'd win in a landslide.

The point is, don't vote for the name next to the name. If you believe in a candidate, vote the candidate, vote your conscience. But don't let others vote for you. It is then that you've truly lost.

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