03 November 2004


Man, am I beat!!! Yesterday was the biggest day in my young life, as I was a candidate for the very first time. Getting to my home precinct at 5:45 AM, I was welcomed with a line that wrapped around the firehouse, and pouring rain. I jumped out and proceeded to convince people to vote for me for County Council. It was fun, talking with voters, handing out palmcards letting voters know where I stand, yada yada yada. I was there with two people from the GOP side. We talked and joked, and I think that it made the morning go fairly quickly.

I finally voted at about 9 AM, after waiting in line 30 minutes. I was so busy at the precinct that I ran out of palmcards to hand out. Thankfully, LPIN Chair Mark Rutherford was coming from another precinct, and he gladly picked up more for me. At 6 PM, I packed up, tired and water-logged and made my way to Indy for the post-election party.

In Indy, it was a who's who of libertarians. We all kicked back, ate and drank, watching poll numbers come in statewide and nationally with the presidential race. I found out that I pulled 6% in a 5-way race for three seats. Usually a Libertarian candidate pulls 2-3% in a 3-way, but I did much better than I ever dreamed of doing. I joked if I received 10%, I'd do an Irish jig, but everyone was spared of my Riverdance routine (thankfully).

I want to especially thank Phil Miller, for his guidance and support, as well as showing me one year ago that there are people like me that believe in personal freedom and small government. I want to thank the support from a lot of great people, so numerous I'll probably forget one or two. Brad Klopfenstein, Mark Rutherford, Sam and Jame Goldstein, Rebecca Sink-Burris, Sheri Sharlow, Mike Kole, Rob Place, Margaret Fette, Paul Ehrstein, the list goes on and on, thank you very much for believing in me this year. I plan to win in 2006.

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robertLP said...

You did a great job, I'm looking forward to helping you out in something in '06...as long as it isn't Congress :)