20 November 2004

Brad and Mike in the Morning

What a day! Abdul on WXNT called in to see the dentist, but it was Klop and Kole to the rescue!! Libertarian radio all morning in Abdul's stead, and it was fun, informative, and definitely interesting. Notable libertarians on all morning, from presidential candidate Michael Badnarik (who I finally realized is a kook), former congressional/mayoral/gubernatorial candidate Andy Horning, LaPorte County Chair Greg Kelver, as well as Republican Secretary of State Todd Rokita, and others.

Mike Kole, LP Hamilton County Chair, and Brad Klopfenstein, LPIN Executive Director were on the air from 6-9 this morning talking politics, and having a blast on the mic. They took all calls, chatted with guests, even had time to poke fun at themselves. Hell even "President Clinton" called in to talk with the guys.

I think the end result of the guys getting on for three hours was a good thing, expressing good values of the party, and promoting us in the "we're just like everyone else" light.

On a non-political note...the Pacers-Pistons game was a trip!!! I couldn't believe that happened tonight!!!

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