24 January 2009

Here's What Hope Means...

Hope means that millions of lives will never get a chance to come to fruition. Change means the voices of the voiceless will remain that, voiceless. Economic stimulus comes at the expense of good-paying jobs. So help you God, my ass!

Not even a week into his administration, President Obama has reversed the policy of allocating funds for international pro-abortion groups. That's right, your taxpayer dollar is going overseas to help promote "family planning." Family planning is more than infanticide.

Furthermore, he's still planning on signing the Freedom of Choice Act. In a nutshell, it would shutter thousands of hospitals nationwide, because if a hospital receives any federal money, it would then be required to perform abortions. A spokesman with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said the hospitals would be shut down because they won't perform them in their hospitals...think, St. Vincent and all of its hospitals including the Women's and Peyton Manning Children's, St. Francis and all of its hospitals, including its new Heart Hospital...all gone. And all of the income the physicians, nurses, and staff, gone. All that pro bono work those hospitals do will now disappear for those who need help.

For a man who wants to stimulate the economy, he sure is finding new ways to send it further down the crapper.

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