15 November 2007

Seventh Heaven

Who isn't a candidate for the 7th Congressional District next year? Aside from those outside the district, the field appears to be wide open. Republican State Rep. Jon Elrod threw his name in this week, forgoing a second term in the State House for a chance at an opportunity to ride the GOP wave for another year (he hopes). Former Congressman, and current Rep. Julia Carson's mentor, Andy Jacobs (D), supports Carson's grandson, current CCC member Andre Carson, who has all of a summer of public service. Then there's other Dems looking at the jump to DC. Outgoing Mayor Peterson could make the jump (Hudnut did it in the 70's), State Rep. Carolene Mays, or even former Deputy Mayor and Marion County Prosecutor candidate Melina Kennedy, heck Rep. Carson could say she's better and run for another term.

Point blank, keep your eyes and ears open for announcements in the next couple of months, maybe even an outsider with inner circle ties could throw his or her hat in the ring, and make things really interesting!!!

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