18 August 2008

A Failing Grade

On Saturday, the two major party presumptive nominees got together and talked. Both spoke their pieces, and made their points, for the most part. When it came to the issue of abortion (no fence sitting here), Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) went over like a lead balloon. Claiming to not know the "specificities" of when life begins, he said that went beyond his pay grade.

Nationalizing health care, it's in his pay grade. Defending our borders, in his pay grade. Robbing from evil oil companies and their 10% profit margin (compared to the government's 30-40%), in his pay grade. Standing up for those that truly have no voice?? Not his problem.

I thought the modern Democratic party stood for those that had no voice in anything, and rallying behind them. Even Obama supporters had to groan a little bit. My thing is very simple, state your position, and stand behind it, good, bad, or indifferent. I can respect your honesty and your stance without supporting it. Obama stands for nothing, and this simple statement is an absolute endorsement of it.