26 May 2005

Let Them Eat Soup

Indeed, let them eat soup. Republicans in Martinsville has enacted a food and beverage tax of one percent. So when you go to Martinsville drive through and get a Big Mac, an extra tax is tacked on to that tasty treat. Mayor Buskirk, when asked about it, said if people don't like it, they can stay at home and have a can of Campbell's Soup. That is indeed, a case of grande huevos. The tax is egregious enough, then to insult the citizens?!?! If people don't want to pay stupid taxes, stay at home and eat the soup!! Who knows, maybe we could have a Soup Revolution on our hands in Morgan County. A Libertarian, with donations from Progresso or Campbell's, could repeal this ridiculous tax and focus more on infrastructure, like the courthouse.

Republicans don't care about small government or individual rights, they just care about cramming their beliefs down your throat while they take your money incrementally. Democrats want to protect everyone from themselves and take your money hand over fist. Libertarians want to protect your wallet and your life from the government. Remember, there is always Option C.

05 May 2005

Time to Reload

It's been a month, I know, my friends. Finals were this week, and I had to prioritize. Sorry. I realize a lot has happened in the past month, mostly on the state level. Legislature is adjourned till 2006, and many new proposals went through. I have a bit of a report card on them.

Budget: D-. This is because the budget did increase, more tax increases were put in, especially with the Colts stadium downtown. More millionaire welfare. Fiscal conservatives, my ass! The GOP is "fiscally responsible", which is a buzz term for "I'll balance the budget, but taxes are going up as a trade."

DST: A+. IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! As my friend Abdul from WXNT said, HALLELUJAH!!! I don't care if we're on Eastern (New York) time or Central (Chicago) time, I'm just glad my family on the coasts know what time it is here.

Education: D. I realize that Hoosier children are constitutionally guaranteed a free education, so my problem is with taking money from poorer districts (ie:IPS) and re-distributing it into wealthier districts (ie: Hamilton Southeastern). A simple formula could solve this. Take all the students in the state, and the amount of money appropriated for education, divide it, and BAM, equal money for all. That, and maybe eliminate some educational bureaucracy, focus on education, not athletics, or a $136 million bond issue (That means you, Mt. Vernon {Hancock} Community School Corporation.)

Voter ID: B+. I say it's a good idea and that the law is meant to prevent identity theft, which is more and more prevalent each year. You have to show ID to write a check at Kroger, so what's the fuss about showing it to cast your ballot every November??

I also want to say congratulations to the Mt. Vernon Taxpayers (http://www.mvtaxpayers.org) who remonstrated against the bond issue that would have raised property taxes 60-85%!! A job well done to all involved in the school district!!!

Keep your eyes and ears open, hope to post soon!!!