27 October 2008

Bad Cop, Worse Cop

Now most of us know the time honored situation of good cop, bad cop. One is friendly, one is not. The campaign is turning not into good cop, bad cop, but rather bad cop, worse cop.

McCain would only vote for the bailout if it had no pork (Bad Cop). He voted for it after $140 billion was added to motivate certain holdouts (Worse Cop).

Obama seems only to talk in rallies, or carefully crafted interviews, making him inaccessible to the masses (Bad Cop). He never holds press conferences, preferring to buy time on TV and move the World Series in accordance with his wishes (Worse Cop.)

I can go on and on, but the only GOOD COP in this scenario is Bob Barr, Libertarian candidate for president.

20 October 2008

Buyer Beware

It seems a lot of people I know are going to pull the Obama lever. First of all, it's heartbreaking. Second, of all, buyer beware!!

In the ebb and flow of the American political scene, it's been center-right or center-left, not moving to far to one end of the pendulum or the other. As far as I can remember, there hasn't been an extreme shift one way or the other. Voting Obama would be an outright vote to the far left, making voters feel good now, but they will be paying (literally) for it in 2009 and beyond. Obama has the MOST liberal voting record in the Senate since he took office, and his running mate, Joe Biden is #3.

Now, I believe in equality at all levels as far as individual rights are concerned, but not in the pocketbook. Voting for Obama is nothing more than romanticizing a modern day Robin Hood, except you're the evil doers that he's taking from to give to the "poor."

What I mean is that for every hard-working, ball-busting individual out there, there is someone that has been a product of the system waiting for the next handout. I'm sick of the people that will have the government take care of them. I'm sick of my taxes going up to pay for their lazy butts. Now I understand that some people have certain situations, and I get that they need assistance. What I don't understand is that I'm supposed to subsidize someone's poor decisions in life.

I work hard, pay my taxes, am happily married, and have no children, but have to pay for someone that couldn't keep her legs closed, someone who has no desire to work, or someone who just wants to stick it to the man. Well, I'm a man, and I'm tired of it! If you want a true change in Washington, vote Bob Barr. He'll stick it to those that have stuck us taxpayers for way too long!

13 October 2008

Random Musings

-So the stock market gained 11% on Monday, putting it at 9300 and change...bailout trickle down, or has everyone returned from their Chicken Little paranoia??

-GM and Chrysler have talked about a merger or swapping of assets, should it be looked at as a preclude to the American automotive manufacturing collapse, or as two failing companies joining forces to return to glory??

-Bart Peterson endorsed centralizing the assessor's office and eliminating the township positions...Is Satan serving iced tea??

-When will the Blackhawks lift Lord Stanley's Cup??

-When will the Cubs win the World Series??

Any other musings, muse away my friends.

09 October 2008

Vote Early, Vote Often, Vote Johns Jimmy!!

It appears that 105% of the voting population is registered in Marion County. Beth White has some more explaining than just vote early and get preferential seating for an Obama campaign stop. She needs to nip this in the bud immediately and rationally. She's on the hot seat for 2010, and can't afford many more Keystone Cop routines in the Clerk's office.

Hat tip to Advance Indiana and Ogden on Politics

08 October 2008

Mark Your Calendar

"SPLIT THE TICKET"...What do I mean...I mean Libertarian, Republican, and Democrat candidates are invited to Monument Circle on October 17th at 5:10PM for a press conference. Eliminating township government and repealing property taxes are among the issues to be discussed.

More details as they become available....

The Obamanomics of It All

First came socialism, now comes Marxism...Senator Obama is in town today, and talks proposing cutting insurance premiums and giving the uninsured Congressional insurance...how does he plan on paying for this? We went away from the gold standard because of the Great Society, what would this plan be, the Next Society...Lenin is smiling somewhere.

With the economic crisis continuing, and the Dow down 160 points, is more regulation the answer? How much more can Congress turn this country into Venezuela, and how much longer will the American people take it? The stock market is like a marriage, it has ups and it has downs, but it works out if both parties want it too...the market and the investors are married with money, it just seems that the government is the homewrecker on the side, offering something one can't offer the other. Is divorce really worth it?

Debate Review

Are Senators McBama the Pied Pipers or what...don't worry about the economy, the government will take care of you. That is the gist of what they're saying in regards to the bailout (don't call it a rescue plan). McCain offered a plan that would authorize the Treasury Department to spend $300 billion to buy bad mortgages. Republicans advocating socialism...Reagan's spinning in his grave. Obama talks of how 101 million people would not get a tax break, there is still 200 million people in this country. More socialism. I'm waiting for one to say, "To each according to their abilities."

That day is coming sooner than later, no matter which candidate you choose. Unless you choose Bob Barr, then you choose your wallet and your life.

Lawrence Losers

The losers are all of us taxpayers in the City of Lawrence. On Monday, five Republicans approved a salary increase of $11,000 to Mayor Paul Ricketts. Unfortunately, the Mayor went back on a pledge of cutting the budget five percent in non-public safety in order to fatten his wallet at taxpayers' expense.

This obvious abuse of power is just another reason why Deb's Democrats and Ricketts' Republicans should be run out of town on a rail. There is no good option in Lawrence, and when the voice of reason appears, it's dismissed as radical. Sometimes radical is reality, and the reality is is that there is no difference if an R or a D runs the city.