24 June 2008

From the "What the..." Files

Everyone knows now that Doris Minton-McNeill (D), a City-County Councillor, was arrested for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. She replaced Andre Carson, who was elected to
Congress. He replaced Patrice Abduallah, who served one district, yet lived in another, in violation of the law. Do you see the common thread?

The Democrat precinct captains, in my opinion, are not thoroughly vetting their candidates. It's more about keeping the seat (which Republicans rarely contest). More often than not, no matter what part of the political spectrum, if you knowingly select and elect undesirable candidates, you get what you pay for in the end. As if Mike O'Connor needed anymore headaches.

20 June 2008

Grand Old Goofup

Jon Elrod is either a smart guy or a pansy, depending on your thought process. He lost a special election in March to Andre Carson for the late Rep. Julia Carson's seat, won the primary in May, now with only a few days before the filing deadline, he withdraws his name for the congressional race. He now wants to retain his Statehouse seat which was not contested in the GOP primary.

What this tells me is that, as much as I don't want to admit it, Greg Garrison is right. As long as the district is drawn as it is, Democrats will win the congressional races here. That's a given, as many credible Republicans have come and gone against the Carson machine. I just never thought that one of them would throw up the white flag before it even started.

14 June 2008

Remembering Russert

Meet the Press moderator Tim Russert passed away yesterday of an apparent heart attack at the age of 58. It really shocked me and reminded me dearly of my parents who are of the same age. Russert, like my father an Irish Catholic, wrote the bestsellers Big Russ and Me and Wisdom of Our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons.

The book's talk of fathers (the first by Russert on his father) resonates with many (including this blogger) of a father who did whatever it took to support and raise his family. I, personally, did not always appreciate as a younger person what my dad did, but it shaped me into who I am today, and I couldn't be happier. My dad is a great man who gave of himself freely for his family, and that is something I will never forget.

Tim Russert will be missed in many political circles, but the stories of father and son will live on for generations. If that is his legacy, then Tim Russert is a better man. May the angels say to him upon his arrival to Heaven, "Cead Mile Failte."

13 June 2008

The Revolution Will Be Recognized

Last year, Andy Horning helped make headlines for his property tax rally on the Fourth of July in front of the Governor's Mansion. That was only the beginning. This year, if you want a government that applies the Constitution as it is written, not as it's "interpreted"...join Andy and other like-minded individuals on Independence Day at the Governor's Mansion to hold our elected officials accountable for themselves and their actions!

07 June 2008

Dodging Common Sense

The Toll Road lease has been one of the most polarizing projects in the state of Indiana. All of northern Indiana reviles the governor for "selling out." The governor counters with the billions of dollars brought into the state's coffers. It's been this way for a few years now.

In government, sometimes legislators are offered perks. Maybe a dinner here, a game there. It's called lobbying. The latest perk is a bit much and arrogant. According to the Indianapolis Star, Cintar-Macquarie, the Spanish-Australian consortium responsible for the operation of the Toll Road, gave the iZoom transponders to all legislators in northern Indiana, then offered them to all legislators. The transponders charge vehicles at the original rate, whereas the rates at toll booths have gone up considerably.

In the spirit of equity, most legislators rejected the perk, saying they're no better than their constituents, especially with gas at $4/gallon. I said most legislators. Reps. Dick Dodge (R-Pleasant Lake) and Chet Dobis (D-Merrillville) have gone on record saying they will use their transponders, basically telling their constituents to go fly a kite.

How out of touch are these fellas...jobs are leaving the region (I know, I lived in South Bend as a child, until my dad got a better job in Indy. His old job in SB was gone in two years), gas is going up, and nothing new is going there. Voters up there should give both of these guys the boot in the fall.

04 June 2008


Finally can mean many things. Finally, the Stanley Cup finals (Go Pens). Finally, it stopped raining. In this case, finally means we have our prizefight contenders from the R's and D's. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has been the presumptive GOP nominee for some time now, laying back and quietly going about his business. Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) has enough delegates and convention superdelegates to clinch the nomination.

The question I'm asking now is, who's number two? No not the quiet man with an eyepatch who runs the legitimate side of things, but the VP slot? Sen. Clinton (D-NY) seems to be eyeing the veep position, but I ask my liberal friends how can you support a candidate who is running on a platform of change then have a running mate who ran her campaign on experience?? Not only that, but the thought of having four more years of President Bill Clinton around the White House is a bit unsettling, for more than one reason.

As for the GOP side, I'm betting either former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA), or current Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) get the spot for the Republicans. McCain is more known as a maverick, not what the "conservative" GOP might really want. Either Romney or Jindal bring those credentials to the convention, but Jindal would be better served because he would balance the ticket in the South, and honestly, if I were Romney, I'd lay low for four years, knowing that McCain probably won't win, and he can run in 2012 as the "true conservative."

Since there are no concrete running mates, where do you weigh in?

01 June 2008

Presidential Prospects

The primary season is almost over. We have the Democrats and Republicans...let's size them up.

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY)'s campaign is on life support waiting for the universal health care to cut it off. Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) disowns a man he says he could disown no more than he could his racist white grandmother, then says Rev. Wright wasn't really a spiritual adviser.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was a "foot soldier" for President Reagan, then was considered a maverick on the Hill, now he tries to carry the conservative mantle for the GOP. I never met a conservative that is for global warming legislation, campaign finance reform, and forced cooperation from the private sector.

Neither party really has a candidate that is for freedom and liberty, both personal or economically. One side wants to take away your opportunity to choose your own doctors, double your taxes, and remove your individuality. The other side wants to limit your speech, monitor your lives, and tell you who you can and can't be with.

Libertarians believe in a smaller, friendlier, more efficient government. If you want sole dominion of your life and your wallet, the Libertarian Party may be for you!!