24 February 2008

Congressional Controversy

Yes, I am alive and well...surprise! Anyway, my hopes for a new and improved Lawrence were put on hold one month into Mayor Ricketts' term when there was the proposal of a $15,000 raise. Mr. Mayor did the right thing only after there was an uproar from the citizenry. Then this past week, in the midst of a winter weather advisory, his office issued a statement urging citizens to stay off the roads unless necessary because the city DPW is almost out of salt. Grr....but I digress.

Now onto the issue of the day. March 11 presents Indiana voters with an intriguing opportunity for an election. No straight ticket, just pick one of three. It's local Libertarian activist Sean Shepard against City-County Councillor Andre Carson (D) and State Representative Jon Elrod (R).

Shepard is the only pro-family, pro-business, pro-FairTax candidate I can see. He's the most well-spoken, and provides many solutions facing the country. Now Elrod is seen as an electable Republican in a Democrat stronghold. I think he may be too liberal for most conservatives, and doesn't come across as very communicative, especially when talking about foreclosure. However, he's won elections in heavily Democrat districts, and is renowned for hitting the pavement. Carson is running in his first contested election. The grandson of the late Congresswoman, Carson is painting himself as tough on national security and as a tolerant man. However, with ties to the Nation of Islam, and a former job as an Excise Officer (88th of 89 in his class), his rhetoric and accusations of nepotism may be his undoing. That, or the fact he can't take heat from constituents.

This will be an interesting race, and then the primary is six weeks after that...then the real fun begins!