13 December 2004

An Eye for an Eye

Now I may upset some of you, but I expect as much. Just 40 minutes ago, a jury of his peers recommended the death penalty for Scott Peterson. I agree with that decision for him. I know that a lot of it was circumstantial evidence, and there was no murder weapon, but there were just too many coincidences for it not to be, in my opinion. I know my faith preaches for me to turn the other cheek, but how could I do that when a man kills not only his wife, but his unborn son as well.

For the most heinous crimes, the most heinous punishment is necessary. I don't believe necessarily in an eye for an eye, but this is a definite exception to this rule. I couldn't justify what he did to anyone, and I don't think many people could. His life should not be spared, but I have a gut feeling he wouldn't last long in the hole (see Jeffery Dahmer).

I believe in live and let live, but in this case that rule goes right out the window. Scott Peterson is getting what he deserves.

08 December 2004

Channeling Our Frustrations

In today's media, there are numerous sources of entertainment. It's a 500-channel digital world, with something for everyone it seems. ESPN, CNN, Discovery Channel, the list goes on and on. What irks me is that there is a group that is responsible for seemingly every "outrage" over what's considered indecent on the air. The Parents Television Council (PTC) goes up in arms over every little tidbit they consider wrong. Now I understand Nipple-gate at the Super Bowl was a bit much, and some action needed to be taken about it. However, I don't think that gives them the right to tell the general public what should and shouldn't be broadcast over the airwaves.

My parents always told me, if I don't like something on television, buy my own TV, or simply don't watch what's on. So I did just that. Besides, if I don't watch a show, that's one less viewer, which means less money spent for advertising on said program. That in turn could lead to a show going off the air. If you've seen Field of Dreams, you understand. If you watch it, they will come. They being the advertisers. Conversely, if you don't watch it, they won't come.

As I said on Abdul in the Morning, it's really simple. What's good for you may not be good for me, so don't make that choice on my behalf, because I may not agree with it. It's a very simple free-market idea that involves personal choice. Hmmm, how libertarian of me! If you want to watch Sex and the City, Sportscenter, or the Crocodile Hunter, that's cool. I'll be here, watching my Law and Orders, and totally content with the fact that I have the ability to do just that. That's my choice.

07 December 2004

Bureaucracy in Baseball

That's right...the federal government gets in your pocket, wants to get in your bedroom, now it wants in on the national pastime. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), considered one of the more moderate Republicans in Washington, wants to form legislation cracking down on steroid use in baseball. I think that's a bit much considering they have more of a time passing legitimate intelligence reform or a balanced budget.

If Barry Bonds wants to inject himself full of roids, so be it. It's his body, he is the one dealing with the consequences of his choices. Also, Senator McCain should focus on more pressing issues, such as the issues I mentioned earlier. It's not the government's job to interfere in a private venture, unless the greater good was being infringed upon. People still pay big bucks to see Bonds, fellow juicer (ALLEGED) Jason Giambi, and others play a child's game.

If baseball wants to let their guys blow up like Goodyear blimps, that's fine. They're doing it to themselves. The best way to send the game a message is simply not to watch them play.

06 December 2004

Lefty Libertarians???

A misconception about libertarians is that they're pissed off Republicans, far right wingers. That may be a group within the party, but there are others like myself who come from the left side of the aisle. Those that abhor the Patriot Act, hate seeing the destruction of what government control does to the very Earth we live on. I despise the war in Iraq because it was initiating force to achieve a socio-political objective. If two people of the same sex want to get married, it's not my time or place to say it's wrong. It's your private decision, as long as you don't infringe on the rights of another person.

Friends of mine who are liberal in their beliefs look at me and think I'm a kook, but when we're sitting down over a beer (which we usually are), and I explain that I'm more socially accepting than most Democrats, they look at me with a newfound respect. What this boils down to, is if you think that Democrats are more and more out there, and won't support your personal choices, look to libertarians. It's your life, your choice.

Where Do We Go From Here??

Right now is the political hangover season. The election's over, and the decisions are being made for the next term. In the 24 hour world we live in where you can instantly get information (like the blog you're reading), there is a risk of overload. Ignoring the situation will get it out of the mindset of some, but the situation is still there.

Currently, Gov.-elect Daniels is putting together his team for the next four years. I think he has his heart in the right place, and I think the results will be better than the previous administration. I don't think that he'll achieve everything I'd like to see, but the challenge before him and the General Assembly is very intimidating. Legislators will be making tough decisions on how to compensate for the $800 million structural deficit facing Indiana.

If my family didn't have the money for extras in our life, we simply tightened our belt and made do. That could have meant no vacation, but looking back, it was the right thing to do. If that means no porkbarreling for a couple of years, a legislator can look back and say, "I did my part to shrink the size of the government for my constituents." I respect that. Legislator X stood up and realized these are indeed tough times, and sacrifices have to be made for the greater good of the state.

I understand that Indiana did suffer worse than the nation when the recession hit in the early part of the decade, and we're just now recovering. In order to keep the recovery going, the General Assembly, and Gov.-elect Daniels are going to have to make the tough choices necessary to show the people of Indiana that they made the right choices November 2.

On the federal level, with Republicans in the White House, and in both chambers of Congress, federal spending increased domestically 7-10% in Bush's first term. Let's see if My Man Mitch, Speaker Bosma, and the Republicans in the General Assembly can give our state a 7-10% reduction in spending. That is my challenge to the Indiana GOP. You say you're the party of small government, so put your money where your mouth is.